Workshop and Lab Rooms

The lectures will take place at the Piloty Building S2|02 at the Computer Science Campus of the University.

The hands-on labs and the Capture the Flag contest will take place at the CASED premises.

Therefore, we have to move from the university campus to the CASED building every day after lunch. You will be provided with weekly bus tickets at the first day at the hotel.

Public Transport

In the morning, you have to get from the hotel to the university campus by tram. We will pick you up at the hotel. However, here is how to get to the computer science building at the university campus on your own.

  • Tram line 4 or 5 from Berliner Allee to Willy-Brandt-Platz
    • 08:22 (Tram line 4)
    • 08:29 (Tram line 5)
  • Walk from Willy-Brandt-Platz to the Computer Science building

The computer science building looks like this, when you walk through the park:



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