By Train

You will arrive at the Main Station of Darmstadt. You have to leave the platform using the stairs or elevator. At the first level, turn right and walk in that direction to a section of the station separated by sliding doors. This is opposite to the main exit of the station. You will pass shops and at the end you reach the escalators. Go down the escalators and use the exit on the right hand side. Outside, turn right and follow the road until you reach the "B&B Hotel".

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By Plane

You will arrive at the airport Frankfurt/Main. Go to Terminal 1 and take exit 5 from the lowest level.

At the exit, walk straight accross the road. On the other side find bus stop 14. This bus stop is labelled with destination Darmstadt, the line is called "AIR". It's final destination is Darmstadt Main Station ("Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof").  The tickets are sold by the driver (7,40 €). The bus takes about 20 minutes to reach Darmstadt main station. From the "Hauptbahnhof", simply walk inside the building. Go straight until you reach the other side of the building (escalators). Have a look at the picture of the station shown above.

Time table for the bus "AIR"

To take a taxi from the airport costs about 45,00 €.

Hotel B & B

Here, you can find accommodation information.